Between the Two Trees

Stories of Serendipity

This podcast is all about the wonderful ways Serendipity or God or the Divine or whatever you call it sometimes shows up in our lives. I conducted interviews with several folks who had some delightful stories to tell about the ways God/Spirit showed up for them. Lauren, Lorraine, Garrett, Tena and I all tell our stories. I hope you are inspired! If you have MORE stories like this you want to share with me, zip me an email at If I get enough stories, I will do a "Stories of Serendipity 2".  As always, I am open to questions or suggestions for future podcasts.

As an aside, Garrett has a community on Facebook called "Community in Spirit" where spiritually minded folks can hang out and talk about things that matter. Feel free to check it out here: 
It is a closed group, but if you send a request to join, Garrett will let you right in!