Between the Two Trees

Spiritual Counseling offered by Rev. Thaeda Franz

Reverend Thaeda Franz is an Interfaith, Interspiritual Minister. Interfaith is not a religion; it is a way of being in the world, in relationship to all people and all that is. Although her personal spiritual practice is grounded in Christianity, Rev. Thaeda sees beauty and wisdom in all the world’s religions and paths of faith. An ordained minister, Reiki healer and mental health professional with a Ph.D. in counseling, Rev. Thaeda will meet you where you are in compassion and without judgment.

What is spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling with Reverend Thaeda is a reflective listening process that leads to a deeper understanding of your true Self. Spiritual counseling is based on the premise that we do not need to be fixed or diagnosed as much as we need to be heard without being judged. When we truly understand ourselves and the ways in which we engage with the Universe, we are introduced to our inner wisdom that leads to sense of peace and equanimity.

I am not religious. How can be spiritual counseling be helpful to me?

Spiritual counseling is an invitation to gaze within and see the beauty of your inner self. Many of us who identify as spiritual but not religious feel unmoored or disconnected to what is truly sacred. Whether you are atheist, agnostic or deeply religious, spiritual counseling can enhance and deepen your connection to yourself and the God of your understanding.

I am religious and I am happy with my faith life. Why would I need spiritual counseling?

Even those who are grounded in a strong faith find it helpful to have someone to talk to about life situations and circumstances within the context of their own views. When doubt arises, as it inevitably does for most of us, we need and deserve to share our emotions and perspectives in a confidential, non-judgmental safe setting. As an interfaith minister, Rev. Thaeda provides spiritual nourishment that is grounded in theology and compassion.

What is the cost?

You’re invited to make a donation of your choice for each one-hour session with Rev. Thaeda. Many counselees ask for guidelines because they have no idea what to give. The average donation per session is $60 and may be made via Paypal. Some counselees donate less. Others donate more than the suggested rate to make spiritual counseling affordable and accessible to all who seek it. At the conclusion of each session, you decide what to give based on your experience with Rev. Thaeda and your personal financial means.

Schedule your appointment with Rev. Thaeda via her Calendly Page. Sessions can also be conducted online via a videoconferencing platform (Zoom or Skype).